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Specialize in specific workouts for fashion and beauty


3 ideal body types・Specialized for each muscle


Sophisticated and flat fashion model body type


Our training regimen allows our customers to achieve ideal and proper muscular and skeletal posture. For this purpose, it requires the development of three main muscles groups beneficial for modeling. Through the combination of an improved metabolism coupled with body fat reducing exercises, our goal is to develop your body to sculpt the ideal model silhouette.


Sharp body type of gravure model


The position of the groin from the side and the shoulder’s position are shifted significantly back and forth into a more natural posture.

The point of this silhouette is to emphasize the tension of the bust’s top and the top of the hips. Through specialized workout regimens, we will shape a sexy body line to draw women’s attention 



Cool and sexy body like foreign model’s body


First, the size of the skeleton determines the ultimate length of the bone.
To change the fundamentally different scaffold size with foreigners, making the imbalance extreme strength of on purpose.
Body make-up which was made in consideration of such as less or more muscles in the surface-deep.



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Our shop as a body make-up studio for women, is a personal training studio which has a leadership track record more than 4000 per year (total store).
From experiences that even people at the forefront, such as entertainers and fashion models gravure idle stage actress-singer has let me be in charge of body make-up, we went the developed guidance your own training method.
 To become the model body type which every women yearn, it evolved from the practice and day-to-day research into a new "model type body make-up", also conducted training of trainers that you can practice it.
Currently, in 2015 around the Minami Aoyama head office Ginza, Nagoya, and open of Fukui shop, was steadily now you are able to Experience the body make-up of CharmBody to everyone across the country.
To "Anyone in exchange is like a Model" concept, aims to provide in shops that you can feel free to visit. If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail or telephone. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions or concerns.


Charmbody Representative director Kenichi Sakuma