Course time    number of times fee note

Personal training

(Body make-up and diet for making model’s body


one time 9,450yen  
Monthly fee system 4 times a month 41040yen  
Monthly fee system 8 times a month 78840yen
Monthly fee system 12 times a month 113400yen
Pay a training fee by credit card


Our personal trainers welcome you with a smile.


We discuss changing your body and posture positively.

Increase metabolism,


Reduce fat


Reduce muscle etc.


We do body exercises that fit your purpose.

In order to maximize your exercise results,

we will guide the meal content and times of when you should eat.

Exhilaration for posture that has improved on the fly!


Feel the hope that your body will change, and we’ll see you off with a smile.

If you want to consultation regarding diet or lifestyle etc., please don’t hesitate to contact us.